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It is a new piece in the Breitling Avenger Replica Complications Collection. Although it has a high level of technicality, with a flying tourbillion, its true value lies in its artistic expression and uniqueness. The dial is decorated with a gold marquetry technique, where colored pieces of different alloys are cut into elegant shapes and then placed on a background of blued steel to create a striking neo Renaissance ornamental ensemble. Bram Ramon is the master engraver who created this beautiful dial. This is not only the first watch with a dial decorated this way, but it's also the one-piece limited edition and the only one featuring Ramon’s art. Breitling Avenger Replica Gold Marquetry tourbillon is priced at around $206,750.

This novelty by the company headed by Yvan arpa is a perfect example of this claim. The novelty is renowned as a quirky, imaginative and yet horologically sound creation. The watch is built around a movement that is proprietary and has a flying tourbillon. It is further enhanced with an exclusive decoration not seen on any other watches on the market. Breitling Avenger Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon, despite the trend of seeing more and more ornamental styles, including those from the past, revived in modern high-end watches, is the only watch to date to have been beautified using gold marqutery.Breitling Avenger Replica We have seen timekeepers in the past that showcased the work of masters in wood marquetry, straw marquetry, and other decorative techniques. Breitling Avenger Replica Complications Gold Marquetry Tourbillon, however, is the first timepiece to use gold marquetry as a decorative technique on its dial. The only other timepiece that I know of in the last few years to use gold marquetry was the Hermes Arceau pocket volutes watch. However, it was only used on the front cover of the piece, not the dial.

To create a timepiece so unique, the brand teamed up with the renowned master engraver Bram Ramon. The Belgian had learned his craft at the prestigious Liege School and rose to fame with his exceptional work in various decorative techniques. Ramon chose a surface of blued steel as the background for this project.Rolex Sea-Dweller Replica This technique, which is normally reserved for decorating the hands of watches or the screws of movements, is quite challenging because it requires a precise exposure to heat. Too much heat exposure can ruin the metal.

The dial and fixed bezel are both visible with this type of blued background. It is made from blued 316L stainless steel. It is only the beginning of the ornaments for the watch. Ramon added 24 K gold pieces which were then cut into decorative shapes by a master engraver. Ramon chose different gold alloys to make the composition as colorful and captivating as possible. The Breitling Avenger Replica Watch is made of a variety of gold alloys, including yellow, green, pink, and platinum. The result is stunning. Ramon used to create this decoration for the Complications newcomer. In the past, it was reserved for only the most luxurious and expensive weapons.